Alternative Gnuk token board design

Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Mar 21 13:43:18 CET 2019

On 20/03/2019 16:55, Rigas, Evangelos wrote:
> You can find the design files here:
> (pcb) and (case).

That looks really nice, thanks for expanding the ecosystem!

And a nice touch to include a design for the pogo pins.

But based on what I've read with regard to edge connectors on PCB's, you
should probably use hard gold for the fingers of the connector.
Otherwise they will wear out rather quickly and might leave conductive
"dust" in your connectors. I'm just warning you about this possibility
in case you did not know, as I don't see a comment in your Git

Having a PCB fab do hard gold on a part of the PCB boosts the price by
quite a bit, unfortunately.



PS: With regard to programming connections, Niibe writes at [1] about
using "Mac-8's XC-2" connectors. I have yet to find anything like that
that will be shipped to The Netherlands! They look really useful, but
are made of unobtainium.

[1] <>

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