Seahorse 0.3.5 Release

Anthony Mulcahy anthony at
Sat Feb 19 16:44:35 CET 2000


I would like to announce the release of Seahorse 0.3.5, a Gnome GUI
for GnuPG.

This is a bug fix release, the main changes are :

* Fixed a serious bug that occurred when text was pasted into the 
  text window by clicking on the 'Paste' option in the menu.

* Fixed a small bug in the 'Verify & Decrypt' dialog.

* Made some changes to and the Debian rules file in order
  to fix problems in the Debian packages.

Tarballs, Debian packages and rpms can be downloaded from

I would like to hear any comments or suggestions which you might have.



Anthony Mulcahy <anthony at> GPG Key ID 61CA8871
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