[Announce] GnuPG 1.3.6 released (development)

David Shaw dshaw at jabberwocky.com
Sat May 22 15:45:40 CEST 2004

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The latest release from the development branch of GnuPG is ready for
public consumption.  This is a branch to create what will eventually
become GnuPG 1.4.  It will change with greater frequency than the
1.2.x "stable" branch, which will mainly be updated for bug fix

The more GnuPG-familiar user is encouraged try this release (and the
ones that will follow in the 1.3.x branch), and report back any
problems to gnupg-devel at gnupg.org.  In return, you get the latest code
with the latest features.

This release brings development even closer to a good point for 1.4.
If there is something that you do not like here, be it a missing
feature, a UI choice, or, well, anything, now is the time to speak up.
Once 1.3.x becomes the new stable, large changes will be unlikely.
While we obviously cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be
included, they will all be looked at.

As always, note that while this code is stable enough for many uses,
it is still the development branch.  Mission-critical applications
should use the 1.2.x stable branch.

The files are available from:

  ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/gnupg/gnupg-1.3.6.tar.gz        (1.9M)

  ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/gnupg/gnupg-1.3.6.tar.bz2       (1.5M)

or as a patch against the 1.3.5 source:
  ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/gnupg/gnupg-1.3.5-1.3.6.diff.gz (193k)

MD5 checksums for the files are:

  931f67b4c261349f613c531c00e8f068  gnupg-1.3.6.tar.gz
  886764469a51845cb84cece3e8a6ccf1  gnupg-1.3.6.tar.gz.sig
  36d1291322a277ec391fdc0950a56bb9  gnupg-1.3.6.tar.bz2
  aa009ee54efec31ba1f4d304de3b3f06  gnupg-1.3.6.tar.bz2.sig
  a1fc4269789909ea17f2d6965ea7b4dd  gnupg-1.3.5-1.3.6.diff.gz

Noteworthy changes in version 1.3.6 (2004-05-22)
- ------------------------------------------------

    * New --keyid-format option that selects short (99242560), long
      (DB698D7199242560), 0xshort (0x99242560), or 0xlong
      (0xDB698D7199242560) keyid displays.  This lets users tune the
      display to what they prefer.

    * The --list-options and --verify-options option
      "show-long-keyids" has been removed since --keyid-format
      obviates the need for them.

    * Support for the old quasi-1991 partial length encoding has been

    * The --export-all and --export-options include-non-rfc options
      have been removed as superfluous since nonstandard V3 Elgamal
      sign+encrypt keys have been removed.

    * Preferred keyserver support has been added.  Users may set a
      preferred keyserver via the --edit-key command "keyserver".  If
      the --keyserver-option honor-keyserver-url is set (and it is by
      default), then the preferred keyserver is used when refreshing
      that key.

    * The --sig-keyserver-url option can be used to inform signature
      recipients where the signing key can be downloaded.  When
      verifying the signature, if the signing key is not present, and
      the keyserver options honor-keyserver-url and auto-key-retrieve
      are set, this URL will be used to retrieve the key.

    * Support for fetching keys via HTTP has been added.  This is
      mainly useful for setting a preferred keyserver URL like

    * New --ask-cert-level/--no-ask-cert-level option to turn on and
      off the prompt for signature level when signing a key.  Defaults
      to off.

    * New --gpgconf-list command for internal use by the gpgconf
      utility from gnupg 1.9.x.


 The GnuPG team (David, Stefan, Timo and Werner)
Version: GnuPG v1.3.6 (GNU/Linux)


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