Some suggestions

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Apr 28 15:57:34 CEST 1998


After browsing through the latest draft I have some remarks:

 1) The comment packets are gone.
    Ooops.  How can write code when the specification is changed at 
    will.  I was lucky to find a solution for the moved comment packet
    number from 14 to 16 - and now there is no comment packet at all.
    So what shall I do?  Go back to RFC1991 or stay with comment packet
    of type 16?

    Comment packets are very useful:  I use them to store the factorization
    of the ElGamal prime (in case someone wants to check it), store
    a program version number to make debugging easier.  Another use is
    to transport additional informations to other programs in a pipeline.

    *Please put the comment packets back into OpenPGP*

 2) We need a new compression algorithm.
    The ZIP algorithm with id 1 is not described in a RFC and 
    the support in zlib is not documented. I suggest a ZIP 
    algorithm with id 2 which complies to RFC1950.

 3) 4 new signature classes 0x14 to 0x17
    which are like 0x10..0x13 but do a hash over all preceding
    user id packets.  This has the advantage of keeping a public
    key certificate small but a signator is still able to sign
    more than one user-id.

 4) A signature class which can used to sign the complete
    public key certificate would be very nice - or is there
    already one which can be used for this purpose?
All these enhancements may be OPTIONAL.


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