gpg <-> pgp5

Nicolás Lichtmaier nick at
Sun Aug 2 17:19:03 CEST 1998

I've had trouble trying to get pgp5 and gpg to interact. Windows pgp5
doesn't accept keys from pgp. I tried both exporting them as binary and
text, and I tried using the options -z0, --no-commentm, --algo.*, etc. pgp5
for Linux recongnizes the key, but treat them as Sign only (in the case of
DSA), or encrypt only (elgamal). What am I doing wrong?

I'm trying to push free-software in my job, and they are now looking for
source code of pgp-compatible software. They have already agreed to the
posibility of using free-software. Is gpg ready for a poduction environment?
We would need to port it to AS/400...! 


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