gpg <-> pgp5

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Aug 3 00:22:04 CEST 1998

Nicol=E1s Lichtmaier <nick at> writes:

> I've had trouble trying to get pgp5 and gpg to interact. Windows pgp5

Sorry, I have no pgp5 for Windows, so I can't talk about it.

> for Linux recongnizes the key, but treat them as Sign only (in the case=
> DSA), or encrypt only (elgamal). What am I doing wrong?

pgp does not support the OpenPGP algorithm identifier 20 for ElGamal
keys which are valid for signtures and encryption.  I have changed the
default agorithms to 17,16 as pgp 5 does.

> I'm trying to push free-software in my job, and they are now looking fo=

A Good Thing(tm)

> source code of pgp-compatible software. They have already agreed to the
> posibility of using free-software. Is gpg ready for a poduction environ=

No: 0.3.2 ;-)  The next release will be better, but we need more

> We would need to port it to AS/400...!=20

Is it POSIX machine?  I know that the /36 is a ugly machine from
a programmers point of view - Years ago I tried to port an OS/2, MVS,
DOS program to the /36 and it was not very successful.


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