Perl interface to GnuPG functionality

Norbert Bollow nb at
Fri Aug 21 19:08:40 CEST 1998

Robin Lee Powell writes:

 > If so, I don't get it.  Are you talking about writing gpg in perl or what?

No I'm talking of the kind of thing which is called "Extension modules"
in 'man perlmodlib'.

This allow would to write something like

use GnuPG;
$result=clearsign(data=>$message, key=>$signature_key, passwd=>$passwd);

in my Perl programs, and I don't want the GnuPG module to execute an
external program.

No it's not necessary to reimplement everything in Perl, the existing C
code can be used.

BTW, the reason why I'm asking is that we need something like this for
the Majordomo2 project.

-- NB.

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