Perl interface to GnuPG functionality

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Sat Aug 22 13:02:26 CEST 1998

At around Fri, 21 Aug 1998 18:08:40 +0200 (CEST),
 Norbert Bollow <nb at> may have mentioned:

> Robin Lee Powell writes:
>  > If so, I don't get it.  Are you talking about writing gpg in perl or what?
> No I'm talking of the kind of thing which is called "Extension modules"
> in 'man perlmodlib'.
> This allow would to write something like
> use GnuPG;
> $result=clearsign(data=>$message, key=>$signature_key, passwd=>$passwd);
> in my Perl programs, and I don't want the GnuPG module to execute an
> external program.
> No it's not necessary to reimplement everything in Perl, the existing C
> code can be used.
> BTW, the reason why I'm asking is that we need something like this for
> the Majordomo2 project.

some of us discussed similar topics w/ werner a while back (basically
it would be nice to have a library interface which you could use xs-stuff
to talk to, right?), but at that point in the development there were
other priorities :-)

i would very much like to see a library version as well, as that would
make it easy to also create interfaces for other pls such as python
(i'm a perl fan too) as well as being used from c, so we could build a
pgp-aware ezmlm, for instance.

<off-topic note>
there is a write-up of some of the dicussions that fred lindberg and
i had about making a mailing list use pgp/gpg in various ways at:

in case anyone is interested (for reference, ideas, something to 
criticize, etc. :-) )


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