solaris2.6 troubles

Emmanuel Michon michon at
Tue Dec 8 17:35:26 CET 1998


I'm new on this list;

I've got GPG working today on the following configuration:
solaris2.6/ gcc2.7.2.3/ emacs20.3.1/ pterodactylgnus0.65/ nnimap0.81/
mailcrypt3.5.1 and the latest GPG version 0.4.5.

I noticed prior solaris troubles on the mailing list. I would
like to report a new one: when running in a xterm or in
console mode everything runs fine. But when running inside of
emacs, signing, encrypting won't work, because gpg says it cannot
open /dev/tty (on a sun, /dev/tty is linked to /devices/pseudo/sy at 0:tty
but that's not the solution).

As far as I understand gpg only tries to open /dev/tty to help
the RNG, so I replaced /dev/tty by another file (quite brutal hack).
It works now under emacs, but not anymore on the console.

I don't understand why ttys do not behave the same with and
without emacs running.

Emmanuel Michon (
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      Someone who comes from out of town and shows slides. 

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