Can you tell me why I need -o -?

Oscar Levi elf at
Tue Dec 8 21:21:18 CET 1998

I'm calling gpg from another program, redirecting fd's so I can pass
the passphrase, the message, and the signature between the programs
without writing temporary files.

I find that 

  gpg -sb --passphrase-fd #

will accept the message on standard input, but it won't write to
standard output.  I replace # with the fd I use to write the

  gpg -sb -o - --passphrase-fd #

does the right thing.

  gpg -sb --passphrase-fd 0 < inputfile > outputfile

lets me simulate the circumstances of my application, and this works,
too.  I first type the passphrase at the console and then I enter a

I missing something obvious?

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