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> i've seen some commentary on this by john gilmore -- darren reed

The Wassenaar Arrangement is an international non-binding agreement
regarding military weapons and "Dual-Use" (military & civilian)

http://www.wassenaar.org/ - the group
http://www.wassenaar.org/docs/press_4.html - press release from latest
meeting (Dec 3 1998)

http://www.jya.com/crypto-call.htm - what John Gilmore said

This is a great amount of leeway to interpret the WA differently.
The WA isn't new this year, yet over the last several years US, UK,
Germany, Netherlands, and other participating states interpreted the
previous WA with a wide variation of local laws. Expect more of that, but
the freedoms might shift a little.

Germany's stand on it:
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To: cryptography at c2.net
From: Ulf Möller <ulf at fitug.de>

Press release from the Ministry of Economy
http://www.bmwi.de/presse/1998/1208prm2.html, my translation:

       Export control for encryption technology loosened

       No "key recovery" for cryptographic products

At their plenary meeting on December 2nd and 3rd 1998 the 33 treaty
states of the Wassenaar Arrangement have decided to revise the export
control for encryption technologies (cryptographic products). Export
control has been loosened, and the embodiment of crypto restrictions
has been hindered. Thus there will be no export ban for encryption
products in the future.
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