Fabio Coatti cova at felix.unife.it
Thu Dec 10 10:19:44 CET 1998

> This is a great amount of leeway to interpret the WA differently.
> The WA isn't new this year, yet over the last several years US, UK,
> Germany, Netherlands, and other participating states interpreted the
> previous WA with a wide variation of local laws. Expect more of that, but
> the freedoms might shift a little.

Now I'm little confused about this. It seem to me that this agreement is
not law, so we have to wait fon national laws. The mail from Gilmore seems
little catastrophic, but looking at press announcement I read that

"The WA agreed control list amendments to take into account recent
technological developments. The amendments to the lists included
elimination of coverage of commonly
available civil telecommunications equipment as well as the modernisation
of  encryption controls to keep pace with developing technology and
electronic  commerce, while also being mindful of security interests."

My english is poor, but "elimination of coverage" seems to lead a more
relaxed policy. I'm not sure due to my little knowledge of english, can
someone comment this?

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