possible GPG problems

D.A. Harris rodmur at ecst.csuchico.edu
Tue Dec 15 11:36:22 CET 1998


Just started using GPG, and I seem to be having some problems.  I'm
using GPG 0.4.5, on a Linux system with GLIBC 2.0.106, compiled with EGCS 1.1b.
Currently it doesn't seem that GPG wants to --clearsign any document, it
refuses my passphrase (and yes, I am using the correct passphrase), another 
problem is it occasionally seems to have locking problems (a previous process 
didn't release it's lock properly, usually I just delete the lock file and 
everything proceed normally.)  I wonder if the --clearsign problem is also 
related to problems I'm having with mutt 0.95i, I haven't yet been able to 
get mutt and gpg to work together properly, even though I'm able to encrypt 
and sign messages with no problem with gpg from the command line.

(yeah, maybe it is a little early to include the fingerprint once I haven't
quite gotten GPG to work properly right.)

Dale Harris  <rodmur at csuchico.edu>   http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~rodmur/
GPG-Fingerprint: 91E0 A853 2CCD 74D3 B22C  0AA9 1569 4163 298B 9017

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