possible GPG problems

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Wed Dec 16 09:22:03 CET 1998

"D.A. Harris" <rodmur at ecst.csuchico.edu> writes:

> using GPG 0.4.5, on a Linux system with GLIBC 2.0.106, compiled with EGCS 1.1b.
> Currently it doesn't seem that GPG wants to --clearsign any document, it

you va a "clearsign" in your ~/.gnupg/options?

> refuses my passphrase (and yes, I am using the correct passphrase), another 
> problem is it occasionally seems to have locking problems (a previous process 

Locking is quite new - needs more testing. 

> didn't release it's lock properly, usually I just delete the lock file and 

That is the way I suggest.  I don't like to remove stale lockfile
because the directory may be on a remote machine and then there is no
way to check for a running process which owns this lock.

> related to problems I'm having with mutt 0.95i, I haven't yet been able to 

I still use  0.93i (1998-07-10)  - I really should check with Thomas 
how to make it work (again).


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