1 year and 1 day

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Sun Dec 27 11:38:09 CET 1998

"John A. Martin" <jam at jamux.com> writes:

>          [[ much stuff leading to perpetual "gpg: waiting for lock
>          (hold by 13169) ..." ]]

remove the "lock-once" in checks/defs.inc where options is created.

> something goes awry.  For example I saw a handful of processes running
> a couple of days after I had thought I had aborted a 'make check' and

Any help is is greatly appreciated.

> is not obvious how to run individual tests or some tests and not
> others.

$ cd checks
$ srcdir=. ./sometest.test


$ srcdir=. show_cmds=1 ./sometest.test

to see the commands.

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