Import and revocation works

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Feb 18 19:49:11 CET 1998


>From NEWS:

    * New command "gen-revoke" to create a key revocation certificate.

    * New option "homedir" to set the homedir (which defaults to "~/.g10").
      This directory is created if it does not exists (only the last
      part of the name and not the complete hierarchy)

    * Command "import" works.
      (Try: "finger gcrypt at | g10 --import")

    * New commands "dearmor/enarmor" for g10maint.  These are mainly
      used for internal test purposes.

    * Option --version now conforming to the GNU standards and lists
      the available ciphers, message digests and public key algorithms.

    * Assembler code for m68k (not tested).

    * "make check" works.

The diff file is quite large because it removes all the RFCs which 
I accidentally put into the last release; you better should run 
automake/autoconf if you used the diff.

I removed the RSA stuff (cipher/rsa[ch]) from the distribution; please
don't complain (if you have an old copy, simply copy these two files
back ;-)

First bug report:

Bug: "make check" does not work
Fix: Please remove the line "run_g10 --no-operation" in checks/checkit
     and run "make check" twice. 

Eagerly waiting on more bug reports ...


                                         finger gcrypt at for G10 key
              fingerprint = 8489 6CD0 1851 0E33 45DA  CD67 036F 11B8 FF3E AA0B

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