GNU Privacy Guard

lilo lilo at
Thu Feb 19 10:50:19 CET 1998

On Thu, 19 Feb 1998, Werner Koch wrote:

> I think we should now choose a name.
> A lot of good names have been suggested, but GPG sounds best.

Please pick something memorable that doesn't sound like PGP!  All you need
to do to get people to use this is make the technical quality the best you
can.  A catchy name is good, because people are going to want to remember
your program.  It doesn't need to ride on the back of PGP.

I'm not really good with naming, mind you, but some suggestions, along with
names for the executable:

OpenCrypt  oc
FreeCrypt  fc
CryptFree  cf
PrivateNote pn

Let your program stand on its own merits.  Give it a nice catchy name and
don't worry, we'll get the word out.  I run Linux Internet Support
Cooperative's IRC support environment and I can tell you we're all chomping
at the bit to start spreading the word.  I know we're not alone....


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