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raf raf at
Mon Feb 23 18:50:57 CET 1998

Just a few anti-marketing thoughts to slop into the bucket:
Please feel free to ignore it.

"Smart" marketing is only needed to convince people
to buy someone they don't need, can't afford and
which won't work anyway :)

Calling something "great" doesn't make it so.

The better the packaging, the more there is to hide.

A name doesn't have have to be startling, sexy, empowering,
or even understandable. It only has to identify.
New associations do form (e.g. gnu, gimp, ... :)

Why not call it - "Fuck the NSA!"

When it's free, marketing is different.

Word of mouth has worked brilliantly for
too many pieces of free software to mention.
You all know this.

Marketing for free software is not about convincing
people to buy it. It's about convincing people to
contribute. To do that, just make it worthwhile.

I would think that a "smart" marketer would at least
be able to identify the target and nature of the marketing

We apologise for this inconvenience,

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