expect problems

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Thu Feb 26 18:15:31 CET 1998


I have some problems with expect(1).  I need it to test the
key-generation; the problems have something to do with the hidden input,
using \r or the slow multi-line output during key-generation.

If someone has some experience with expect, can you please be so
kind and look how I can fix checks/keygen1024.test (I have disabled 
this file), You can run it with:  "srcdir=. ./keygey1024.test".



                                       finger gcrypt at ftp.guug.de for GNUPG key
              fingerprint = 8489 6CD0 1851 0E33 45DA  CD67 036F 11B8 FF3E AA0B

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