Yet another release

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Feb 27 18:53:14 CET 1998


here is the next release:

    * Code for the alpha is much faster (about 20 times); the data
      was misaligned and the kernel traps this, so nearly all time
      was used by system to trap the misalignments and to write
      syslog messages. Shame on me and thanks to Ralph for
      pointing me at this while drinking some beer yesterday.

    * Changed some configure options and add an option
      --disable-m-guard to remove the memory checking code
      and to compile everthing with optimization on.

    * New environment variable GNUPGHOME, which can be used to set
      another homedir than ~/.gnupg.  Changed default homedir for
      Windoze version to c:/gnupg.

    * Fixed detached signatures; detached PGP signatures caused a SEGV.

    * The Windoze version works (as usual w/o a strong RNG).
      and is available as

have fun,


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