release 0.2.0

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Jan 25 20:35:42 CET 1998


I added the trust logic; it is not really ready but I consider it as the
next milestone, so I increased the version number.  

See for the new tar or the diff against 0.1.3.

Please see README for some new options.
I checked that this release compiles under i386-linux and sparc64-linux.

>From NEWS:

    * The logic to handle the web of trust is now implemented. It 
      has some bugs; but I'm going to change the algorithm anyway.
      It works by calculating the trustlevel on the fly.  It may ask 
      you to provide trust parameters if the calculated trust probability
      is too low.  I will write a paper which discusses this new approach.

    * a couple of changes to the configure script.
    * New option "--quick-random" which uses a much quicker random
      number generator.  Keys generated while this option is in effect
      are flags with "INSECURE!" in the user-id.  This is a development
      only option.

    * Read support for new version packets (OpenPGP).

    * Comment packets are now of correct OpenPGP type 16. Old comment
      packets written by G10 are detected because they always start with
      a hash which is an invalid version byte.



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