release schedule

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jan 26 10:14:31 CET 1998

 0.2 - the current release with a less or more working trust logic.

 0.3 - we have a RNG so it can be used on much more system :-)

 0.4 - last alpha release, used as base to fix the last missing parts
       and to remove the big bugs.  And we should choose a better
       name at this time (GPG, OPAQUE, JAGP or whatever).

 0.5 - Beta. We can publicly announce it and start signing our keys.

 0.x - make it conform to the OpenPGP standard (if it is out) 

I can't make a time schedule yet because from time to time I have to do
other thinks to make a living (I'm self-employed) - 2 month from now I guess
for 0.5.

Werner Koch, Duesseldorf  -   werner.koch at   -  PGP keyID: 0C9857A5

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