GPG-PGP5 Interoperation -- trust

Caskey L. Dickson caskey at
Thu Jul 23 11:25:48 CEST 1998

On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, Markus Gruber wrote:

> Another thing I did: I signed the pgp5 public key on the gpg-keyring. The 
> signature got added, as I could see with gpgm --list-sigs, but the key didn't 
> get trusted. What can I do to have gpg trust the key by default?

Once before I had a problem where after signing a key it didn't get
trusted.  I've done it a dozen times in the past three days with test keys
as I experiment with gpg and only once did I have this problem.  A comment
made by someone earlier that gpg re-computes the trust every time made me
think to try simply deleting the trustdb.gpg file (well, renaming it
actually) and that seemed to work.  I don't know if this is a bad
thing(tm) as I was only working with a keyring containing those two keys.


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