pgp2 support for gnupg

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jun 11 09:35:39 CEST 1998

Michael Deindl <olmur at> writes:

> There's an ``rsarefeuro'' (or something like this) around, which has
> the same interface as rsaref but is developed in Europe so that any 
> European could write code which can be compiled with rsaref.

I do not think it is a good idea to use RSAREF by default.  My current 
RSA implementation isn't the fastest one but it uses the gnupg mpi
functions and therefore the code is very small.

> I think, the early pgp versions were released under GPL, so that it
> should be possible to use this random-generator.  Additionally there

  ``Finally, if you want to turn PGP into a commercial product and make
  money selling it, then we must agree on a way for me to also make
  money on it.''
This is from the PGP license which imposes this restriction on the
GPL and invalidates the GPL thereby.  

> No, I'm not volunteering.  Besides that I don't have DOS/Windows, I

I have one box with Windoze95 used for hardware tinkering but I think
I have not swtiched it on for the last months.  I'll better support 
real OSes first.


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