May I volunteer for: CVS repository? Emacs interface?

Werner Koch wk at
Sat May 9 13:19:10 CEST 1998

Karl Fogel <kfogel at> writes:

> 1. Is it under CVS version control, and if not, do the developers want

Yes, I use CVS to track releases and intermediate versions.

"The developers" --- Hmmm, there not so many :-)

There are some reasons, why I think a distributed development is not
the right think for _this_ piece of software:

  - Isn't very security sensitive and so like to know what's in
    (yes every line of code).
  - The U.S. export restrictions make it difficult for many
    programmers to participate :-(
  - Because it is an official GNU project, I have to get legal papers
    about all larger code contributions - We don't want to get into
    the Emacs troubles.  

> 2: Is anyone already working on an Emacs interface to GNUPG?  If not,
>    I will do so (mailcrypt.el is a place to start, though I don't yet

I don't know.  If you are going to do so, please have a look at some
special options (e.g. --with-colons) which makes parsing of the output
much easier.  Don't hesitate to request an option if you think it may
be good for an interface.

I guess you are form the U.S. - remember the ITARs (see 
"" for more information
in this subject).

Thanks for your offer to setup a CVS system,


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