May I volunteer for: CVS repository? Emacs interface?

Karl Fogel kfogel at
Fri May 8 20:50:14 CEST 1998

Hello, I've just discovered GNUPG, a very pleasant surprise!  Ten
minutes later, I have my first ElGamal keypair, no problems... :-)

Two questions:

1. Is it under CVS version control, and if not, do the developers want
   it to be?  CVS greatly facilitates distributed development; I have
   been using it for a long time and would happily volunteer to set up
   and administer the repository remotely (through ssh or some other
   secure channel, of course).  And yes, I believe "administer"
   includes answering questions from people new to CVS. :-)

   I looked through the list archives and didn't see any discussion of
   using CVS; apologies if I'm just dragging up an old topic.

2: Is anyone already working on an Emacs interface to GNUPG?  If not,
   I will do so (mailcrypt.el is a place to start, though I don't yet
   know if it works out of the box with GNUPG).

Thank you,
-Karl Fogel

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