Running gpg as user www via web browser

Richard Lynch lynch at
Thu Nov 5 02:14:11 CET 1998

I'm attempting to exec gpg 0.4.2 from a PHP script to encrypt a credit card
order to e-mail to my client so that I'm not transmitting credit card
numbers in the clear.

I'm getting an error code number 2.

I managed to count down the list from man error and figure out that it's
because running gpg as user www is a problem of user rights:  EACCESS.

Now, it's not that gpg itself can't be run by www, 'cuz it can.  If I just
exec gpg -h (for the help) via the browser as user www everything works

And, it's not as simple as making my secring.gpg publicly
readable/executable, cuz I tried that and it didn't help.
[In the long run, I'm only going to have public keys up on the server
anyway.  I'm not super concerned that somebody could forge an order, since
they are all handled by a human at the other end.  Low volume.]

So, any ideas what I would have to change to convince gpg that it's okay to
let user www run gpg via the web browser and actually encrypt a message as
well as get the help?

Is it as simple as reconfiguring my keys so there just isn't any secret key
and not specifying the sender, ie the -u option?...

Am I even making sense here?

What exactly within gpg could cause an EACCESS?  [Again, it's almost for
sure coming from, or at least through, gpg since gpg -h works.]

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