building rsa/idea/skipjack DLLs on win32 ?

Bob Keller bob at
Wed Nov 4 21:49:50 CET 1998

Hi folks,

Is there anybody out there that got the time/experience to look into 
compiling a dll for the rsa skipjack or idea modules. 

Now that I have the gpg executeabales building cleanly on a free 
win32 compiler. (see earlier msg from about 15 minutes ago) It 
would be nice if somebody could help me by giving instructions on 
how to build the rsa.c into a dll (or whatever would be appropriate).
I have tried following the advice from Cygnus for beta20 but I don't 
seem to get it right.

It is probably more adequate to reply in private - rather than 
"bother" the list with the cygwin internal details. I promise to let the 
list know of any working win32 version of rsa or other code that 
comes about through the help of one of you folks out there.

Bob Keller

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