Juergen A. Erhard jae at laden.ilk.de
Sat Nov 7 01:16:09 CET 1998


>>>>> "jam" == John A Martin <jam at jamux.com> writes:
>>>>> "Juergen" == Juergen A Erhard <jae at laden.ilk.de> writes:

    Juergen> gpg

    Juergen> `hangs'.  It seems it wants some input (^D
    Juergen> terminates).  Why does it do that?  Why not just give
    Juergen> some short help (less than a typical screenful), and
    Juergen> terminate?

    jam> 'gpg' is a filter like 'cat'.  Please don't even _think_
    jam> about asking to have that changed.  Nobody in their right
    jam> mind wants to go back to the lame and maddening ways of
    jam> various PGP versions in this respect.

Not only am I thinking about asking, I'm actually asking...  and I
don't mean to go `go back to the lame and maddening ways' of PGP.

The problem with the current behavior is that it is neither documented
nor obvious.  *What* does this filter do?

What I'd like to see: just `gpg' simply returns (maybe giving some
comment about using --help or something).

A filter function (of whatever kind) could be done like gzip does with


    jam> Are you using ~/.gnupg/options?  There are also a myriad of
    jam> other ways to save typing, particularly for an Emacs user
    jam> like you.  :-) What about calculated or computed trust?

I'm not using gpg from Emacs yet... I'm doing shell stuff in an xterm,
and haven't installed mailcrypt with gpg support yet.

Probably need to write a little compctl thingie for zsh...

Bye, J

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Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv
Comment: Processed by Mailcrypt 3.4, an Emacs/PGP interface


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