Some bugs in 0.4.3? (was: A sunday release)

Roland Rosenfeld roland at
Mon Nov 9 14:21:14 CET 1998

On Sun, 08 Nov 1998, Werner Koch wrote:

> Noteworthy changes in version 0.4.3

>     * Experimental support for keyrings stored in a GDBM database.
>       This is *much* faster than a standard keyring.  You will notice
>       that the import gets slower with time; the reason is that all
>       new keys are used to verify signatures of previous inserted
>       keys.  Use "--keyring gnupg-gdbm:<name-of-gdbm-file>".  This is
>       not (yet) supported for secret keys.

Wow, great!
Now it takes only some seconds to import my complete PGP 2 keyring
(~2MB) (--fast-import) and creating the trustdb (--update-trustdb)
takes only some minutes and very less memory.

But there seems to be some problem with checking PGP signatures now,
because checking a simple PGP signature (RSA) now seems to run
"forever" (it runs for 12 minutes now, with 98% CPU usage). ps shows
me, that mutt runs the following command:

roland   17295 95.6  2.0  1888  1316  pb R    13:33  13:49 /usr/local/bin/gpg --no-verbose --batch -o - --verify /tmp/mutt-spinnaker-17276-25.asc /tmp/mutt-spinnaker-17276-25

Stopping this by pressing Ctrl-C shows me this:

gpg: Signature made Fri Sep 25 02:15:07 1998 CEST using RSA key ID AE8F7CF5
gpg: Good signature from "Martin Schulze <joey at>"
gpg: Interrupt caught ... exiting

Testing this with some other signed mails, I found out, that this
behavior seems to arrive only if the signing key can be reached via a
signature chain and is not directly signed by me.

Similar problem with sign&encrypt:

gpg: public key decryption failed: Secret key not available
gpg: note: cipher algorithm 1 not found in preferences
gpg: key setup failed: g10err=-1073745528
gpg: old style signature
gpg: Signature made Wed Jul  2 10:39:23 1997 CEST using RSA key ID BA523901
gpg: Good signature from "TC TrustCenter, Hamburg, Germany,;
+Organization Key; <info at>"

gpg: Interrupt caught ... exiting

Here I also pressed Ctrl-C and the message is decrypted. Seems, that
gpg is searching for something, which isn't needed, because decryption 
is done and the signature is checked...

Another problem: I tried to send a gpg encrypted message with mutt to
roland at There are two keys (a RSA and a DSS/DH key) 
existing for this userid. When I try to send out this mail, mutt
/usr/local/bin/gpgm --no-verbose --batch --with-colons --list-keys
which runs a long time (4 minutes now with 97% CPU time). I tried this 
command out by hand and found out that this behavior seems to depend
on the --with-colons option (without this option gpgm outputs the keys 
and exists in some seconds).



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