Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Tue Nov 10 09:30:00 CET 1998

"Caskey L. Dickson" <caskey at technocage.com> writes:

> I'm all for a simple message a-la mailstat.  It makes no difference to me
> and maintains 'good unix behavior'.

Okay, I'll add such an advisory note (to stderr or to tty?) in case
stdin AND stdout is a tty - this is more friendy to the Unix newbie. 

> P.S.  I'm curious werner, how many patches do you get for problems vs.
> requests to just fix it for us?

I hope the low frequency of patches is mostly due to my restrictive
handling of patches (due to the FSF requirements) :-)
But small patches are always okay (and large patches might help me to
solve a problem by looking at them).


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