Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Tue Nov 10 19:47:21 CET 1998

David Pick <D.M.Pick at qmw.ac.uk> writes:

> This is an instruction to *Werner* not to incorporate any "significant
> contribution" until the necessary documents have been signed. *He*
> has to tell the FSF, who will contact the contributor, who will sign
> the papers and return them to the FSF, who will tell Werner that he can

Anyway, I do this as soon as you promise to sign a disclaimer :-)

> > However, it says not WHAT channel to use to "tell them" (e-mail, fax,
> > phone, letter) nor does the www.fsf.org website. So it's still a big

Letter - and it takes a few *weeks*.

> But if I'm right (very big if!) we can send things to Werner and he
> has to decide if they are "significant" - and hopefully he has some
> guidelines from the FSF.

About 10 lines or any other trivial patch are always okay - I might
consider a patch as a bug report ;-)


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