Standards and PGP wraper

Niklas Hernaeus nh at
Mon Nov 16 22:22:11 CET 1998

Sorry for my Late Night Rage (tm) in the last post.  After finally
catching up with this thread I have to comment...

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Werner Koch wrote:
> > effect to make key escrow possible, and that is a purely political issue.
>   * and because it is not possible to use DSA for encryption (yes I know
>     there is a workaround).
>   * ElGamal signatures are much slower and the sigantures are larger
>   * PGP Inc. didn't figure out how to avoid the Bleichenbacher attack on
>     ElGamal signatures (The code for Elgamal signatures is in pgp 5.0
>     but it commented out

Thanks, I got the documentation for the Bleichenbacher attack, and
although I don't entirely understand it, it makes _my_ attack on the
'two key' model unwarranted.

Not familiar with all english terms, can somebody please explain what a
'smooth number' is?


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