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Tue Nov 17 19:37:04 CET 1998

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On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Thomas Mikkelsen wrote:
> Should gpg come with its own frontends: Im am thinking about something
> like the gnucash project where you can choose between several frontends.
> How does "./configure  --enable-gnome" or "configure --enable-kde" sound
> to you.

I'd actually suggest that this remain separate. You really don't want to
start wars about whether having a KDE frontend bundled with an
FSF-copyrighted project is a good idea, or arguments over why desktop 'n'
or toolkit 'm' isn't supported, for infinite values of 'n' and 'm' (GTK+,
QT, curses, OS/2, BeOS, Win32, Gnome, KDE, ad infinitum).

Also, while building frontends is certainly a nice idea, bundling them
with the core package won't keep them maintained; only active interest in
maintaining them will do that.

Finally, GPG is a utility, unlike GNUCash, which is an end-user
application. There's a pretty substantial difference here.

I'd vote to keep it out of the core GPG distribution. This doesn't mean
I'm against a frontend (I actually rather like GnomePGP), but that I'm
against bundling it with the GPG core set, and think that it should be
maintained separately, as an end-user app.

Just MHO, of course, and subject to change. ;-)

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