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Wed Nov 18 00:00:51 CET 1998

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On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Edward S. Marshall wrote:

>On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Thomas Mikkelsen wrote:
>> Should gpg come with its own frontends: Im am thinking about something
>> like the gnucash project where you can choose between several frontends.
>> How does "./configure  --enable-gnome" or "configure --enable-kde" sound
>> to you.

Hmm...however, there's (bound to be) more than one KDE or Gnome PGP/GPG/Crypto
package. There's GnomePGP, kpgp, kcmpgp, and I'm trying to write kPGPShell
(way, WAY alpha, barely makes menus...). And with the exception of GnomePGP,
the others aren't really working. And it would take even more time to get
good, working KDE *and* Gnome *and* non-KDE/non-Gnome (because some are going
to want this) graphicals GPGs than if other, independant people worked with
Werner to make sure that their programs worked with his (like I sometimes do
when it don't work for me, although now that I can compile it, I'm happy...)

>Also, while building frontends is certainly a nice idea, bundling them
>with the core package won't keep them maintained; only active interest in
>maintaining them will do that.

I definitely have to agree - GPG only comes out with a new version once in a
while, whereas I come out with new revisions of pgp4pine at least weekly,
usually everyother day or so.

Also, FYI, the key I signed this with IS time-limited because GPG is beta
software, so I'm not doing any lengthy keys yet (soon, maybe).

Chris Wiegand

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