gpg frontend

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Nov 18 21:18:54 CET 1998

Christopher Wiegand <cwiegand at> writes:

> good, working KDE *and* Gnome *and* non-KDE/non-Gnome (because some are going
> to want this) graphicals GPGs than if other, independant people worked with
> Werner to make sure that their programs worked with his (like I sometimes do

I recently added a whole bunch of code to GnuPG to support Max's
GomePGP but he never used this and he virtually vanished from the net
(maybe due to some Russian financial crisis and expensive Internet

> I definitely have to agree - GPG only comes out with a new version once in a
> while, whereas I come out with new revisions of pgp4pine at least weekly,
> usually everyother day or so.

Yes, we should keep them separate.

> Also, FYI, the key I signed this with IS time-limited because GPG is beta
> software, so I'm not doing any lengthy keys yet (soon, maybe).

No problem:  The key expiration time is bound to the signature and you
can change it at anytime without problems.


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