Using GPG in the US

Jimmy Kaplowitz jkaplowitz at
Wed Nov 25 00:34:38 CET 1998

> Actually, I used to use PGP5 for that ('pgpk -a someone at somewhere') and
> then extract from PGP5 and into GPG... I realized how stupid that was,
> so did the one-line-script trick. :)

Yeah. I actually read (I think it was in the PGP5-GPG HOWTO!) something
whereby someone recommended that you use PGP itself to import keys into
GPG! That's where I got my misimpression that PGP was necessary for that
task. Shocking...
> You should be able to use any of the usual keyservers, since that's all
> that PGP5/6 does with the fancy gui under Windoze.  I like my way
> better. :)

Me too :) Not least because it dispenses with the need for PGP at all.
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VERY cool signature :) BTW what kind(s) of Hacker/Vandal/Netscum are

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