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Caskey L. Dickson caskey at
Tue Nov 24 23:29:30 CET 1998

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:

> > Actually, I used to use PGP5 for that ('pgpk -a someone at somewhere') and
> > then extract from PGP5 and into GPG... I realized how stupid that was,
> > so did the one-line-script trick. :)
> Yeah. I actually read (I think it was in the PGP5-GPG HOWTO!) something
> whereby someone recommended that you use PGP itself to import keys into
> GPG! That's where I got my misimpression that PGP was necessary for that
> task. Shocking...

I guess that would be my fault.  What has become called the PGP5-GPG howto
was originally written in the context of a former PGP5 user interested in
divesting themselves of PGP5 but maintaining their ability to communicate
with friends and family who still used PGP5.  From that perspective,
already having pgpk and using it to retrieve the key made sense. In no way
did I mean to imply that it was a prerequisite. 

I plan to update it a week or so to incorporate the added features since
v.0.4.0 that make the process easier.  I'll be adding the methods of
fetching keys suggested by Brian Moore and a disclaimer to the pgpk
method to be sure that nobody is misled.

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