[0.4.4] reason for failing test

Jun Kuriyama kuriyama at sky.rim.or.jp
Mon Nov 23 14:08:10 CET 1998

OK, I found reason why my machin fails at "make check" stage.

  For example, "make check" executes checks/mds.test and it calls
'have_hash_algo "TIGER"' which is in defs.inc.
  In defs.inc, have_hash_algo() function is defined like this:

> have_hash_algo () {
>     ../g10/gpgm --homedir .  --version | grep "Hash:.*$1" >/dev/null
> }

  But this function may called at "set -e" situation.  This causes
/bin/sh exitting with return code 1 and cannot return to "if" condition
at mds.test.

  I've changed have_hash_algo() function as:

> have_hash_algo () {
>     set +e
>     ../g10/gpgm --homedir .  --version | grep "Hash:.*$1" >/dev/null
> }

  I'm not Bourn shell expert and don't know whether this is the right
way or not.

  If someone helps me until 11/25, I'll commit this port into FreeBSD

Jun Kuriyama // kuriyama at sky.rim.or.jp
            // kuriyama at FreeBSD.ORG

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