[0.4.4] reason for failing test

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Wed Nov 25 11:54:00 CET 1998

Jun Kuriyama <kuriyama at sky.rim.or.jp> writes:

> >     set +e
> >     ../g10/gpgm --homedir .  --version | grep "Hash:.*$1" >/dev/null
> > }
>   I'm not Bourn shell expert and don't know whether this is the right
> way or not.

              -e      Exit immediately if a simple  command  (see
                      SHELL  GRAMMAR above) exits with a non-zero
                      status.  The shell does  not  exit  if  the
                      command  that  fails is part of an until or
                      while loop, part of an if  statement,  part
                      of  a  &&  or  || list, or if the command's
                      return value is being inverted via !.

Hmmm, is a pipeline a simple command?  

   if foo | bar; then true; else false; fi

should work but isn't very elegant.

Any Bourne shell gurus here?


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