Using GPG in the US

Richard Lynch lynch at
Tue Nov 24 22:26:42 CET 1998

>Werner Koch wrote:
>> But be warned: GnuPG does currently not lock the trustdb or the
>> keyrings, so if two gpg processes run on the same files you loose.


Is this an issue only during the import/generation of keys?...

I've been working toward a secure web-site using gpg to encrypt credit card
orders to e-mail to client as a low-volume free alternative to CyberCash et
al.  I'd hate to have it not work if two people ordered at the same time...

One thing I'm still confused about:

If I generate a key, why is it not automatically assigned trust value 4,
and a calculated path to it set?  Does one regularly generate a key for
themselves and not trust it?...  It seems to me the default when you
generate a key should be f/? where ? is whatever goes there once a path is
found to the key...

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