GPG in production. :)

Edward S. Marshall emarshal at
Wed Nov 25 09:57:10 CET 1998

On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, brian moore wrote:
> There is currently a move afoot to convert the Usenet NoCeM protocol
> ( from PGP2->PGP5 (and RSA->DH/DSS) for legal reasons
> and the eventual abolishment of unauthenticated cancels.

THANK YOU (and Andrew)! And my news server thanks you. Next task is to
start contacting hierarchy maintainers and getting them to switch to
either PGP5 or GPG, and use DH/DSS keys.

Now, if CERT would only get back to me about using a DH/DSS key to sign
their advisories... :-)

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