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Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Sun Oct 4 03:16:49 CEST 1998

lynch at lscorp.com (Richard Lynch) writes:
> So, apparently -r is to specify the recipient of the message.  Is it
> possible to specify the sender?... Or am I even more confused than I think
> I am.
> I was rather hoping to use the key ring to store multiple personalities I
> use.  webmaster at uncommonground.com, webmaster at jademaze.com,
> webmaster at astrakelly.com, webmaster at olivierledoux.com,
> lynch at cognitivearts.com, etc...
> Is that possible?  I'm not seeing anything obvious in -h about the from user.

Just use --local-user (short form "-u"). This specifies the userid for use in
signing or decrypting. If you have multiple keys with the same email address,
you'll need something else to distinguish them (e.g., if you used "-u
webmaster" you'd probably just get the first such key on your ring. use
--list-keys "id" to test out what ids will get what). If all else fails, use
the hex keyid displayed during --list-secret-keys, like:

 gpg --encrypt -r dest1 -r dest2 -u 0xd139cc4c file

> If not, of the keyrings I've made, how does it decide which one is "me"
> (the sender)?  Is it just the first one I made, or the most secure one it
> can find, or...?...

Not sure. My guess is the first one listed in your secret keyring.

hope this helps,
  warner at lothar.com

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