gpg on Windows

Richard Lynch lynch at
Sun Oct 4 08:03:16 CEST 1998

I really have no business even trying this, due to my inexperience with
Unix software, but I *have* been forced to write c++ code for 2 years now
(and hated every minute of it).

Anyway, I'm now needing to get gpg on Windows.  Here's what I know so far:

Somebody compiled it for Windows back in 0.2.? days...  Hopefully they're
still around and willing to point me in the right direction so I can
compile this.

I'm using Borland c++ 5.01, since that's what I've got.  My budget is a big
fat zero, so hopefully this sucky IDE will be okay.

I have a make.exe, which, if I had a makefile, might actually work.

I don't have a makefile, and I don't have a configure.exe to make a makefile.

The brain-dead naive attempt to just throw all the source code into a
project and compile failed miserably.  Not that I expected it to work, but
it did point up that there's three congif.h files on my hard drive, but
none that are what gpg is probably looking for.

The Borland mem.h defines a memicmp differently than util.h  I'm probably
missing something in Borland's interminible compiler options and target
dialogs to use Unix libraries, but, if not, *THIS* one I could probably fix
on my own in something less than infinite time. :-)

So, the questions I think I want to ask are:

Where would I find a configure program for Windows?

Where would I find the source/header files that gpg expects on a standard
unix box, but that apparently are not on my Windows box?

What else am I too dumb to even know to ask?


PS  If I actually get it to compile, of course I'll give contribute the binary!

-- "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch at

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