gpg on Windows

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Oct 4 16:18:41 CEST 1998

Richard Lynch <lynch at> writes:

> Somebody compiled it for Windows back in 0.2.? days...  Hopefully they're

It's me.

> still around and willing to point me in the right direction so I can
> compile this.

Somewhere on my homepage is a pointer to
mingw32/cpd - that is what you need to compile it (and Linux or

> I'm using Borland c++ 5.01, since that's what I've got.  My budget is a big
> fat zero, so hopefully this sucky IDE will be okay.

No.  And gcc is much cheaper (in terms of money).  If you can't switch
to Linux (a 100meg partition is enough for minimal development
system); I suggest you install CygWin32 which gives you a Unix
environment on a Windows "host".

> I don't have a makefile, and I don't have a configure.exe to make a makefile.

Cygwin should help.  Don't know the URL, but you should find it
somewhere at

> The Borland mem.h defines a memicmp differently than util.h  I'm probably
> missing something in Borland's interminible compiler options and target
> dialogs to use Unix libraries, but, if not, *THIS* one I could probably fix
> on my own in something less than infinite time. :-)

You need a POSIX environment.

> What else am I too dumb to even know to ask?

It is not a big problem for me to compile it, but ist is some work
because I have to undef some Unix functions (chmod etc.) and I'm not
sure whether I unlinked a file before closing it (which Windows does
not accept :-().

If you have the cross compiler installed you can to this:

  ./configure --target=i386--mingw32  --with-included-zlib \

And you should end up with a gpg.exe (after some bug fixing)


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