Build problem in 0.4.1

Fabio Coatti cova at
Thu Oct 8 00:56:39 CEST 1998

I think to have found a small problem in configure section of gnupg-0.4.1
The locale is not working, only english messages are displayed. So I've run
and strace reports the following: (configure was launched with --prefix=/usr

the "share" path is missing. Checking the Makefile, it shows:
G10_LOCALEDIR = /usr//locale

To try to get Makefile created in a correct way, I've tried some hacks, but
I'm not expert in configure files so I may have done a big mess...

I've modified the file around the line 258, (I've modified the 
file according to the version found in 0.4.0 tar); I've put back 

 before the line

and deleted the dnl found at the start of 

WK_LINK_FILES($nls_cv_header_libgt, $nls_cv_header_intl )    

With this change, the makefile created by configure script seems to be
correct, in fact I can found the line
G10_LOCALEDIR = /usr/share/locale 
and the italian messages are back.

I've built a redhat 5.1 rpm package for gnupg-0.4.1 (I've rewrote the
original spec file) and if someone is interested I can put in some ftp site.

Fabio Coatti
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