0.4.1 released

Richard Lynch lynch at cognitivearts.com
Wed Oct 7 18:39:40 CEST 1998

For the 0.4.1 binary from the web-site:

gpg --homedir /f/data/cpp/gpg --gen-key

just prints the banner and exits with no other message.

Trying to compile for myself on Cygwin32 beta 19 on top of Windoze NT:

configure goes okay. :-)

A)  I have to add "#define __MINGW32__ 1" to congif.h by hand, since it's
not set by whatever compiler comes bundled with Cygwin (gnu gcc, I

B)  Take out "#define HAVE_TCGETATTR" so I can type in a password without
locking up the whole machine.

Then, it pukes on compiling tdbio.c:

76:     #if __MINGW32__
77:             if( mkdir( fname ) )
78:     #else

claiming that mkdir has two arguments, which, in Windoze, it don't...

I'm so confused...

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