can't handle public algo 1

Kirk Fort kirk at
Fri Oct 9 20:15:15 CEST 1998

When I start up 'gpg -vv' It gives an error message

gpg: can't handle public key algorithm 1

I have two secret keys on my keyring and both of them were generated under
gpg.  I am also still having trouble importing keys made by gpg 4.0.x into
pgp 6.0 (others?). It seemed to work in 0.3.5, but quit in 0.4.0 and still
does not work under 0.4.1 .  I did some tests and I did not have any
trouble importing and using pgp keys in gpg.  Im still going to try to do
some more tests to see if pgp can decrypt and verify everything that gpg

On a totally off topic sidenote, I was reading Applied Cryptography and
flipped to the part in the back that has the source code and was reading
the blowfish source.  I turned the page and in between the pages was a
little strip of paper with a sticker on it.  On one side of the sticker is
a barcode and a number. On the other (sticky) side is a foil etching in
red, silver, and copper.  Looks like a circuit board or something.  Am I
being tracked by the NSA?

Kirk Fort

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