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brian moore bem at
Fri Oct 9 19:59:32 CEST 1998

On Fri, Oct 09, 1998 at 07:15:15PM -0400, Kirk Fort wrote:
> On a totally off topic sidenote, I was reading Applied Cryptography and
> flipped to the part in the back that has the source code and was reading
> the blowfish source.  I turned the page and in between the pages was a
> little strip of paper with a sticker on it.  On one side of the sticker is
> a barcode and a number. On the other (sticky) side is a foil etching in
> red, silver, and copper.  Looks like a circuit board or something.  Am I
> being tracked by the NSA?

Close: that's a tuned circuit that's used by the bookstore to flag
a book.  They pass the books over a device that burns up the circuit so
that you can get out of the door without triggering alarms.

Despite popular opinion, they're not placed in all books: just the ones
that are shoplifting targets (either by value or subject), so you
usually don't have one.

It's odd for it to be between the pages: usually it's stuck to the
binding of the pages in that gap between the bind and the cover.

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