can't handle public algo 1

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Oct 10 11:57:20 CEST 1998

Kirk Fort <kirk at> writes:

> When I start up 'gpg -vv' It gives an error message
> gpg: can't handle public key algorithm 1

This is RSA and it is only a warning.

> I have two secret keys on my keyring and both of them were generated under
> gpg.  I am also still having trouble importing keys made by gpg 4.0.x into
> pgp 6.0 (others?). It seemed to work in 0.3.5, but quit in 0.4.0 and still

ASCII armored?  Hmmm, g10/armor.c did not change between 0.3.5 and

> trouble importing and using pgp keys in gpg.  Im still going to try to do
> some more tests to see if pgp can decrypt and verify everything that gpg

I think there is a problem with the ascii armor, Kirk, can you please
post a ascii publick key which you can't import.


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